November 6, 2002

The Bushfuhrer's License

Sam Parry of Consortium News paints a portrait of a boy prince who has never had to be acccountable his whole life. (See "Bush's Life of Deception".)

Lately his liberties with facts have gotten so extreme the corporate media even points it out on occasion. But it's always with a velvet glove, using euphemisms like "facts are malleable," "embroidering key assertions," or taking "flights of fancy," instead of just admitting that he lies constantly.

Parry traces Bush's favored status through his privileged entry into the National Guard and his mysterious exemption from duty in the last year of his term, his Enron-style insider trading and books cooking with Harken Oil, through the manipulations of the Florida recount and his outright dismissal of the facts regarding global warming.

The more power he gets, the more license he takes.

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