Ah wanna no, hab you eba see de wain?

March 14, 2006

The Bush Implosion

Now that the parade of chaotic mad Bush disasters has turned into a waterfall, splattering endlessly, I think I am beginning to discern a pattern.

Who can keep up? The last biggest bombshell I saw was this flagrant contempt of court by the prosecution in the Moussaoui case (See New York Times. Now what is this judge supposed to do? The prosecution, by blatantly defying the specific rules of evidence laid down by the judge, has destroyed the government's case against this alleged terrorist. That's a pretty serious breach of public trust, if not a crime of negligence or worse. If the suspect is indeed guilty, the government just in effect freed him, by nullifying its own case by cheating. The prosecution, which is among the highest priorities of the Bush Justice Department, is being conducted as corruptly and with the same utter contempt of the law as the administration does everything it does. But this time they are colliding head-on with a jurist who obviously takes her obligation to the public and to protect the integrity of the justice system very seriously.

Now looking at this in the cycle of increasingly frequent disasters of the Bush administration, we can see a pattern. If we look at the Bush style of corporatism/fascism as a mental system, and one that has been extremely pervasive, it appears that we are now witnessing a systemic breakdown. Once the system of ideas is exposed as a fraud, it can collapse almost simultaneously everywhere at once because it is only held together by the power of the ideas.

The media propaganda machine has relentlessly enforced a vision of the world that allows for crimes of government on a probably unprecedented scale. But now the system is fracturing, massively -- a colossal fissure in the cultural cosmology of the U.S.A. Once the toothpicks that prop up the fantasy structure are knocked over, the walls come tumbling down.

The system is breaking down all over at once. The slow motion car wreck that started December 12, 2000, has built to a momentum and scale that is volcanic, and we are seeing the beginning of the eruption. Whew!

With the cyber-electronic speed and magnitude of information exchange today around the globe, the collapse of the Bush Weltanschaung may happen at a faster rate and more colossal scale than any such event in history.

Hang on to your hats.

And To That Point:

  • Thirty sponsor impeachment bill -- The Atlanta Progressive News reports that 30 members of the House of Representatives have signed on to a bill that would establish a select committee to study the question of impeachment of George W. Bush. My God!
  • Looking Glass World -- An Iraqi judge testified he issued the death warrants in 148 executions for which Saddam is being tried. (Al Jazeera) These were people who participated in a plot to kill the president, the judge said. Hmmm. Now there's another lens on the situation. The plot was promoted by Iran, the judge said, during the war between Iran and Iraq, in which the U.S. gave weapons to Iraq under Saddam. And isn't Bush talking about attacking Iran again now. Let's see.. how many people were executed in Texas when Bush was governor? Ah yes, 152. Funny, it's almost the same number. More than any governor in any state in recent history (See New York Review of Books). Of course that too was completely legal. How many people has George Bush ordered bombed and killed since he became president? Doesn't he reserve the right to take away any man's or woman's rights by merely proclaiming him a "terrorist"? He explicitly does.

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