November 9, 2002

Chickens Don't Lead

Derrick Z. Jackson in the Boston Globe says some things that need to be said about the Democrats. Most of them were chickens. That's why they lost. You can't expect people to follow you when you have your nose so far up someone else's ass.

These guys were falling over each other trying to show who could be the most like a Republican. It was a perfect strategy for anyone who wants to be in second place. And it succeeded at that.

But now it's a time when real leadership is desperately needed. Wellstone exerted it and now he's gone the way of so many others who stood up for the people against the Big Money/War factions. Dennis Kucinich exercised true leadership against the war and won in his congressional district with about 75% of the vote, a giant margin if you aren't Saddam Hussein.

So now is the opportunity for a real leader of the people to emerge. The script is written. The stage is bare. The would-be players are cowering off-stage, waiting for someone else to take up the staff and lead. It's a tremendous opportunity for someone, someone with guts and vision. And heart. Everything the current leadership lacks.

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