November 7, 2002

International Fascism 1920-2002

Randy Davis' "Nazis in the Attic" outlines the relationship between the major corporate powers of the U.S. and the rise of Nazi Germany from the 1920s on into World War II.

John Judge says:

The old story, as recounted in Seldes' books, and in the work of Charles Higham in "Trading With the Enemy" and "American Swastika". War has always been good business. The CIA founders were investment bankers with global designs. Mussolini defined fascism as "corporatism plus reaction". Reaction against any threat to class privilege or control of resources. The capitalists and monarchists raised the funds to rearm Germany as well, collected by Herbert Hoover, first for the White Russian Army against Lenin, and then for Hitler to take Moscow. Now the USSR is gone, and we see the fascists and the vastly wealthy few finishing the job with "Pax Americana". JJ

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