January 11, 2003

Fascist Economics

According to Newsday, "Bush administration officials are seriously considering proposals that the United States tap Iraq's oil to help pay the cost of a military occupation."

What an elegant plan! You want something someone else has? Try this: Coerce them into giving it to you, then charge them for the effort you had to expend in taking it. The amount on the invoice can be exactly enough to justify taking what you wanted in the first place. It's like magic! You manufacture the justification for taking it by the act of taking it. Damn clever these Bushonians! Even Hitler would envy the creativity of that kind of logic.

And as Hitler knew well, when you have the military might, you don't have to make sense.

See takebackthemedia.com for a picture show on how the Bushes arm the enemy, then declare war on them and make money from the arms used by both sides.

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