April 6, 2003
Time For Getting Off One's Butt

George W. Bush, friend of the cockroaches, whose much anticipated inheritance of the earth may come sooner as a result of Georgy Porgy's adventures.

The foolishness of the Gangsta President is no longer a laughing matter.

We are now engaged in an open culture war. A battle of the mind to escape the dictated reality. To reclaim the culture from the corporate usurpers.

Turn off your televisions! I dare you! Begin the process of de-conditioning.

Outside of the hypnotic fantasy of the American corporate media, it is clear that the regime that gangstered its way into power in the United States is now plotting a similar coup of the world. The strategy is clear. Iraq is a test battle. A seizure of power. September 11 was an earlier battle, the origin of which is still not publicly known.

This illegal junta -- the Bush regime -- is the embodiment of raw power in service of a small corporate elite, representing about 5% of the population and whatever trickles down. It is devoid of ethics, without humanity, without pity. It is the expression of the most base inclinations of the human character.

But it can be and will be defeated. Its defeat is inherent in its own pathological intention to rule the world. It will not and cannot be achieved. They deeply misunderstand the meaning of history. These are not statesmen, but gangsters who front for massive corporations. They have no sense of governance, of the history of civil law. They are single-minded corporate greed incarnate. Nothing more. It's quite simple in that sense.

The pen is still mightier than the sword. In the digital age, information is more powerful than military hardware. When the truth gets out about the Bush regime, it will crumble.

The regime cannot and will not govern. The requisite vision is not there. They are only robbing as much as they possibly can with the opportunity they have seized. They are not elected officials, they are racketeers who have bullied and lied their way into power and are now using that power to create incalculable damage. They do not have the wisdom or the character to avert the disaster their activities are bringing upon the world.

These men must be stopped.

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