October 11, 2002

Green Nightmare

What the Greens don't seem to be getting is that in countries that have more than two parties, the parties form coalitions in order to combine their power for greatest advantage. Third parties in America seem to be just putting on a show with no hope of winning. Their effect is inevitably to split the people they are closest to in the political spectrum and give the power to the other side.

The Naderites seem to be blindly driving forward like automaton bulls without regard to the fact that their efforts are undermining their own core causes. Their only power now is to break the Democratic party, which is bad enough God knows, but is it not obvious that the alternative is extremely dangerous to the future of the planet? This is a time to unite all forces for humanity against the war machine, not a time to let pride and petty differences split the majority and extend the rule of the fascist minority that seized the White House by arresting the democratic process in 2000.

Time to evolve beyond that primitive level of political naivete and gain just a bit of pragmatism while we still have a chance to preserve something of planet Earth.

-- By David Cogswell

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