March 26, 2003

Hurtling Over the Precipice

One week into this Bush military adventure and it is looking more and more like a disastrous misadventure that has the capacity to turn into a colossal catastrophe.

The normally testy Rumsfeld has now gone on the defensive, and one must be very careful about cornering a rat. At a press conference today, Rumsfeld very indignantly defended himself against charges emanating from military sources that Rumsfeld, with his typical arrogance, blew off suggestions of his commanders and rushed in unprepared. "It's a good plan," Rumsfeld spat. "It was approved by [several military leaders] ... and the president of the United States..."

Then Rumsfeld started reeling off reasons why he was sure they will win. Essentially it was: We will just continue sending men into the country wave after wave until we prevail. Apparently he doesn't envision that there could be problems with that strategy.

More and more I perceive that the Bush has now heaved itself across the precipice into an irrevocable course. Everything is going wrong. Their big plans are not looking so good as they carry them out. As they turn incessant war talk into actual mass murder and destruction of a civilization.

This horrific humanitarian disaster is now an established fact, never to be forgotten until history itself is forgotten. And some day, some day Americans will wake up to the horror of this mega-atrocity. When they do, the cabal could be in trouble.

The Bush cabal has managed to keep its atrocities under the radar screen of Americans in the past. The Reagan-Bush proxy war in Nicaragua, the invasion of Panama and various other adventures were as acts of vicious terrorism, but the cabal has kept the subject out of the public discussion.

If I can look for something positive about all of this, it is that this catastrophe -- created from the wanton depravity of a cabal of very sick men -- has focused the intelligence of the world, and is arousing the majority of decent, moderate people who recognize that an atrocity has taken place and the United States is responsible, almost solely responsible.

This is beyond the imagination of most Americans at this time. But it is possible that the information about these atrocities will not be possible to contain in the Internet age. And when this information has shot through the global village, it may create a focus of rage that will lead to an eradication of the radical right wing disease now infecting the US government. Once this world movement against this fascist power play by the Bush administration acting with the power of the US economy and military power behind it.

They just may finally have gone too far. Events may have just gotten out of their control -- forever.

The most frightening thing about that is that if the Bush administration becomes desperate, its capacities for destructiveness are unthinkable. Their behavior under normal circumstances is ruthless and remorseless. The thought of what they would do if they were desperate makes any sane man shudder.

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