March 25, 2003

Imagine You Are Looking Back on History

I would like to notify those who support the war in Iraq, history is not on your side. Most of those who favor it now believe in the story -- the snow job -- that is being incessantly screamed by the TV and transmitted through every message of the corporate culture. But that story is a fantasy that will fade from history leaving only an old file marked "war propaganda."

In time the real story, which has until now evaded your understanding, will become very well known. It will be history. And it will be very clear then that the slaughter of innocent Iraqis was unjustified. The reasons now used to justify it will seem like nothing in comparison with what is being done there to innocent children. And the reasons are nothing. The story you are being told is a vicious lie, vicious because it is being used to justify murder. What is going on in Iraq, the wanton murder of innocent people and the destruction of a country isn't even remotely justified by the charges brought forth by the prosecutors of this war.

No matter how hard they blow the trumpets of their media, they cannot hide what they have done here. The world knows it. Some day Americans will know it. Then they will know their shame.

But that day is not here yet.

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