Independence Day, 2002

Liberty in Tears:
A Day of Reflection

"It is not an era of repose. We have used up all our inherited freedom. If we would save our lives, we must fight for them."
--Henry David Thoreau

This Independence Day is an occasion for soul searching. The unelected regime of George W. Bush sits at the supreme position of power in the world, placed there by an extra-legal act of a corrupt, partisan Supreme Court, which accomplished the deed by stopping the counting of votes, the most essential activity of a democratic society. Once in power, Bush proceeded to contemptuously defy the will of the majority at every turn, transparently serving only the interests of the small minority that forks over the cash at election time.

Prince George, who has said repeatedly that he would prefer being a dictator, and who has forced through legislation that gives him dictatorial power over his subjects, now sits on his would-be throne smirking at America and the world.

The postwar generation of Americans now faces its destiny. The World War II generation fought to save the world against fascism. Are we, the benefactors of that struggle against tyranny, going to relinquish all they fought for, all that Americans have struggled for since the revolution that freed this country from an old-world monarchy? Are we going to let it all slide down the drain without as much as a struggle?

George W. Bush, the class clown, cheerleader, fratboy, son of privilege, business failure in all but selling influence, DWI-offender, smiley-faced frontman for the corporate oligarchy that is running America into the ground, is our shame. Today is a solemn occasion on which Americans of the 21st century should contemplate their legacy, their place in history. Are we going to be the generation that gave up the American Dream of a democratic society?

-- By David Cogswell

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