November 6, 2002

The War Machine Mobilizes

According to a Reuters report, a massive movement of military equipment is underway to prepare for a devastating attack on the country of Iraq.

"Three enormous U.S.-military owned cargo ships capable of carrying tanks have left U.S. shores in recent days," says a U.S. Navy official, according to Reuters. In addition the aircraft carrier battle group the USS Constellation set sail for the Gulf from San Diego, California last weekend.

According to Reuters, "The cargo vessels, the USNS Bellatrix, the USNS Bob Hope and the USNS Fisher, just short of the length of aircraft carriers themselves, are some of the largest transport ships in the U.S. military's inventory."

Two of the cargo ships have seven decks each, capable of carrying tanks, helicopters and other heavy armor. They are each over 900 feet long and 100 feet wide, with a hold capacity of 380,000 square feet -- the equivalent of eight soccer fields. They are capable of carrying 58 Abrams battle tanks, 48 track vehicles, such as armored vehicles, and 900 other trucks.

This is not, as Fox and CNN will tell you, an attack on Evil Saddam. Like Osama bin Laden, the old man will probably finesse a way out of harm's way while the Iraqi people are subject to more punishment from the sole superpower -- that's us.

Because the Bushistas know the American people have no stomach for war -- but also little stamina for paying attention -- they will make sure the war is short. And how do they do that? By making it extremely brutal. They will unleash firepower on that little country like no one has ever seen. They will test all their new weapons. They will churn out propaganda about "surgical strikes" so Americans can lull themselves into sleep with unburdened consciences. But there will be no surgical strikes. As Ted Rall said in his reporting from the scene during the war on Afghanistan, "Contrary to propaganda, the Americans bombed anything and everything. Americans were being told their bombs were hitting with pinpoint precision. I expected something less than 100% accuracy, but here they were carpet bombing Northern Alliance cities..."

The regime wants to dominate the oil deposits of the Middle East as part of its plan for global domination. It is no secret. The plans have been made public. And nothing will stop them. They are going ahead full force. The election is seen as the mandate Bush never had after his selection in 2000. If you think he was bad before, just wait.

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