February 8, 2003

Pentagon Considers Mass Cremations

The latest cute little trial balloon the Pentagon is running by the producers of its capital and its human inventory is the burning of American GI corpses overseas and just sending little cans of ashes home to the families, who will be told that the ashes really came from the bodies of their loved ones. (See Tom Flocco, The Charlotte Observer.)

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Pentagon spokesman said, "This would be a first. At this point we believe it's a prudent step for the department to re-look at the policy and make sure we have considered a variety of scenarios that could play out, including chemical and biological agents, and make sure we give commanders a variety of options. Cremation is one of the options being considered."

Oh yes, very practical. Very intelligent. The previous method is outmoded. This is the Bush administration's vision of progress.

Note that a week or so ago the Pentagon let drop that it was considering bulldozing dead GIs into mass graves. This new idea is presumably considered to be an advancement over the last one. It's more efficient, certainly mein Fuhrer would approve. Don't even need heavy equipment, just torch 'em. And it's one giant step further into barbarism.

Trial baloons, by the way, are the way they test the tolerance of the population to anything they may want to try. That means, DON'T PUT UP WITH IT! It's an outrage and they know it's an outrage! Don't let them get away with it! It is obvious that this group is going to push as hard as it can. Like a tyrannical two-year old, it will push until it meets resistance. These people need to see the anger of the people. Call, write, make noise. Don't let them think you approve of what they are doing. Unless of course you do. Silence implies assent, at least to these guys.

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