February 8, 2003

Good Morning Totalitarianism

A New Intensified Patriot Act is On Its Way

According to Bill Moyers' NOW, on PBS.org, John Ashcroft's Justice Department is preparing "plans for a sweeping expansion of the government's police powers."

According to NOW: "Until now, few people outside of the department, not even members of key congressional committees have seen this draft legislation. It could lead to increased surveillance and greater secrecy - all in the name of the war on terror. It raises questions about how we balance liberty and security - the rights of individuals versus the rule of law."

The Patriot Act should be repealed, not made more toxic. The big question now facing the world is whether Americans are going to stand by and let a lawless mob turn their country into a new version of Nazi Germany.

The clock is ticking.

(See also Tom Paine, "Secret Draft Of 'Patriot II'")

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