May 17, 2002

"No central place to connect the dots"? More Big Lies

The major media actually picked up on a report that Bush had looked at reports that bin Laden and Al Qaeda were planning to hijack planes in the U.S. But as Condoleezza Rice said, he was on vacation at the time. Remember the one-month vacation? Not a good time to think about defending civilians against attack.

As usual, the spin on this is appalling. It focuses on Democrats "playing political football" with the fact that Bush was warned and did nothing. I'm hearing WQXR, the radio station of the New York Times, this morning dutifully engaged in its role of conducting damage control for the White House. The report says the international press isn't giving the story much coverage, lying baldly and implying that it's just Democrats hassling "the President." The international press they refer to is "from Pakistan to the Phillippines." What a strange choice of countries: the most oppressive, authoritarian governments that the Bushes like so well. How about France, Germany, and Britain, those decadent "Western Democracies"? They've been covering the story extensively for months.

"Just scattered reports," the White House is crying, "no central place to connect the dots" -- hmmm. The word "central" rings some kind of bell. C-E-N-T-R-A-L. Oh yeah, the Central Intelligence Agency, formed in 1948 by the National Security Act, given a vast secret budget and extra-constitutional powers for the purpose of providing a central agency for coordinating intelligence from all other intelligence agencies. Oh yeah. But they wouldn't get involved in something like this. They are too busy trying to topple foreign governments and increasing their operating capital by trafficking drugs.


Bush Knew

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