October 18, 2002

Unbridled Lunacy: Now it's Korea

Now these lunatics are rattling their sabres at North Korea. This is getting very old. This is like having a bunch of very poorly adjusted, angry four-year-olds in possession of the world's most overdeveloped military machine, and they are giddy about it. They just can't do enough with it.

They have to set up advance bookings, a heavy schedule of wars they are anxious to get to. There are so many, it's hard to keep up with them. And the STUPID, compliant media just transmit their propaganda message, massaging the Americans with each new war.

Do people still believe these idiots are sane? I give Americans more credit than that. I cannot believe that the majority is not hip to these characters. Surely more are getting hip to it all the time as it just gets more ridiculous.

No, I don't believe Americans are entirely taken in. I think there is a lot of fear and intimidation intertwined with the thought processes that causing Americans to let these psychotic old men to get away with murder. From the most fundamental fears of being ostracized, to the more potent fears of unemployment, poverty, imprisonment and death, fear has immobilized Americans. In order to psychologically accommodate the fear, we must transmute it into denial. The denial manifests through subtle self-deception. We want to block out the danger, so we let ourselves be seduced into believing the mantra that tells us if we behave, if we believe, if we submit our wills, we will be safe. Big Brother will take care of us.

But I believe time is running out on this game. Heaven help us if it doesn't. To use today's most popular phrase: Make no mistake! These guys will continue to drive the world toward the brink of cataclysm until the people stop them.

Now it's happening slowly, but the populace is becoming self aware. It is waking up to what it is happening. When people get out in the street and meet the other middle Americans who do not want their country to be the new Nazi conqueror of the world, they will begin to tangibly feel the power of democracy, what they have up to now only read about in books.

I felt it in Central Park on October 7. When you get out there and you see all the other people who oppose this war -- when you feel the ambience of that crowd, you see that they are good people from every segment of the population, then you start to feel the real, tangible power of democracy, the natural force. It is like the basic forces of nature that renew the world every spring and will not be denied.

-- By David Cogswell

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