October 14, 2002

Only In America

Simon Tisdall in The Guardian asks a good question. Who can stop Bush? Tisdall specifies the Iraq issue, but the question applies equally to the Bush agenda for world domination. Who indeed can stop it?

As Tisdall points out, not the U.N., not Congress, as is clear from their recent prostrate posture in regard to Bush's resolution. "In Whitehall, worried marchers scare pigeons but not the Pentagon," says Tisdall. "Bush will have his way because, whatever bishops and imams vicariously preach, no power on earth can stop him."

However, as Tisdall points out, there is still one hope. It's always been the only hope, only the urgency of the situation has become more pronounced in recent years as the Bush juggernaut has gained momentum in its drive to dismantle democracy and install a corporate-led dictatorship. That hope is the American people.

Only Americans have the power to influence events in Washington. It's supposed to happen through their elected representatives, but those have been bought out by the corporate state for the most part. So the initiative falls back to the people. The power structure has known this for a long time, that's why, as John Judge points out, so very much capital is invested in controlling "the space between your ears." American people must be deeply indoctrinated because if they ever wake up and become aware of the fraud that is being perpetrated against them, the rulers will be in big trouble.

And now, as Tisdall also points out, there are signs that the sleeping giant is awakening. Outrage and anti-war fury are rising up across the country. Once again, America emerges as the hope of the world. But this time it's the American people as the only hope for defending the world against the world's most aggressive menace, the American government.

So, there it is. It's up to you, Americans. Do your stuff!

-- By David Cogswell

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