December 10, 2002


The case against the alleged perpetrators of the sniper incidents in the DC area is getting weirder.

According to this story in The New York Times "The .223-caliber Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle that the authorities say was used in the sniper shootings was delivered to Bull's Eye on July 2. The store has not been able to produce records showing that the gun was sold, even though gun dealers are required to keep such records."

As of now, the authorities cannot say how the gun got into the hands of John Muhammad or Lee Malvo, the accused killers. According to the Times, "Neither suspect could have bought a gun legally in the United States: Mr. Muhammad was the subject of a domestic violence protective order, and Mr. Malvo was an illegal immigrant from Jamaica and a juvenile."

This is a big hole in the government's case. Is it a set up?

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