September 17, 2002

Politics in Wonderland

Oh how cheerful. Now the U.S. is at odds with Russia. These fools in control are dead set on being at war with the whole world. They are into world domination and no gray areas. "You're either with us or with the terrorists." How long can this go on before the world, and especially the people of the U.S., collectively heave these idiots onto the trash heap?

Tonight AOL is broadcasting this AP headline to its millions of customers who open their AOL accounts: "U.S., Russia Clash Over Iraq." These fools are going to continue to push everyone around until eventually they will go too far. It's inevitable.

We know from Sunday Herald article the other day, if we didn't already know, that the Bush contingency is dead set on attacking Iraq as part of a plan to gain a strong foothold in the Middle East. That is the strategy and it has virtually nothing to do with Saddam Hussein. He was useful during the Iran-Iraq war, to get Iran back. But he's expendable. Now his function is as poster boy for evil, like a whole string of other poster boys built up initially by U.S. power, such as Bin Laden and Noriega.

Seen from that perspective, their otherwise irrational behavior makes perfect sense. Of course they can't have Saddam totally capitulating to their stated demands. The fact that it utterly undermines their lame "weapons of mass destruction" justification for attacking Iraq doesn't matter. They'll just think of something else.

Hence the disagreement with Russia over whether to let the inspections go ahead, or to "impose a new ultimatum," as the story says. Any half rational person would assume the inspections were the objective of the whole hullaballoo, but they would be making the mistake of taking the Bush puppet at his word. Of course the "weapons of mass destruction" bit is only the most convenient excuse. Now that Damn Saddam says to the world community, "Sure come on over and look around," it undermines that particular ploy.

The Bush administration has now not only united virtually the entire world against the United States, it has accomplished the nearly inconceivable task of making Saddam look good, of making him appear to be relatively reasonable and moderate. They are truly wondrous.

Now Saddam, world's creepiest thug, is looking good in contrast to the Bush mob by doing one reasonable thing. Now without assuming that Saddam has one iota of decency about him, but only considering the issue in terms of sparing the Iraqi people from more killing and destruction at the hands of the U.S. government, what is the sense of Colin Powell's calling Iraq's capitulation to demands for inspections as "a ploy"? If the purpose of the move is to avert war, and thereby prevent thousands of deaths, then it's a worthwhile ploy.

And most of the world will accept it as a reasonable way to deal with the conflict over the U.S. claim that Saddam is harboring "WMD". But not the Bush crowd. Only one outcome is acceptable to them. That is war. None of these other arguments matter.

Their arrogance is so colossal that they have grown used to not caring whether they make sense or not. They have brute force to back up their demands, logical integrity be damned. Might is right. But there is another cliche that also fits: Pride goeth before a fall.

-- By David Cogswell

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