February 26, 2003

President of Hell

I've never been able to call George W. Bush "president." The words get caught in my throat. The man is a disgrace to the whole idea of the American presidency. He was not elected. His mob cynically seized power in a sleazy coup, thwarting democracy itself openly and creating flimsy lies to cover it up.

He's the least illustrious son of a racketeer family with historical ties to Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and practically all things wicked and evil in 20th century world politics.

He's a self-styled dictator who is aggressively dismantling constitutional, representational government in the US and turning over power to an oligarchy of rich and corrupt corporations.

No, George W. Bush is not and never will be an American president.

But he has presided over the collapse of the American economy, American morale, American moral authority, American prestige and even the bare vestige of lawful, democratic government. He is riding this American experiment down to hell and we are all going with him.

This morning I heard that the Bushies are offering Turkey $15 billion for letting them use their country to attack Iraq. That's great. Nice that they are investing in the economic prosperity of Turkey, since they are letting America go to hell. They are using the productive power of the American people to fuel their absurd war games and exploits. It's a disgrace.

Get them out!

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