November 25, 2002

Let it Rain, Let it Rain, Let it Rain: Death for Christmas

According to the British publication News of the World, Pentagon officials have singled out a six-week "window of opportunity" in which to attack Iraq, beginning December 16 through the end of January.

"Cool clear weather and long winter nights would be ideally suited for a hi-tech bombing campaign," the article said. "Planes and troops could move under the cover of darkness, minimising the risk of casualties. The campaign would involve hundreds of jets -- including British warplanes, cruise missiles and stealth bombers. The Americans plan to pound Iraq for a month before launching a massive ground invasion from Kuwait in the south and Turkey in the north."

Americans Invest Their Tax Dollars in Death and Destruction

Anybody care to think for just a moment of what it would be like to be bombed for a month by hundreds of American and British jets? Did you like 9-11? It's that times a thousand. It's your tax dollars that are funding it. It's money that could be national health care, a retirement fund, better schools, roads, bridges, facilities.... Naaah! Let's bomb a third world country brutally, inflicting mass death at a cost to us of a billion a day. Who says we can't afford it? It's a small price to pay for all that death and destruction.

Happy Christmas. Peace on Earth. Good Will Toward Men.

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