June 20, 2004

Karl Rove's Naked Pictures of McCain

McCain is a Wuss. Friday's New York Times had a photo op on the cover of McCain appearing with Bush, endorsing Bush, and using the same simplistic horseshit as Bush to describe the fraud in Iraq. In the print version, but absent in the Web version, is a quote from McCain saying that the war against Iraq is, "a fight between right and wrong, good and evil. It's no more ambiguous than that."

Actually it's quite a bit more ambiguous than that, Mr, McCain, especially since the "good" guys attacked the "bad" guys on false pretenses, on weapons of mass destruction that were not there, that were fabricated from evidence the administration and the CIA knew was false, on "democracy" that has no basis reality. And here is McCain, who occasionally shows some integrity for a U.S. senator, and he's up on the stage with the guy who destroyed his presidential campaign with slander of the lowest kind, who since stole the presidency, who started a war that killed thousands of people based on lies, has committed crimes on a scale rarely seen in U.S. politics, and McCain goes out of his way to bestow his coveted endorsement on him.

What does McCain care about? He seems to have no personal pride where Bush is concerned. No matter if the Bush's campaign blitzed the state with fraudulent "polls" that had the real purpose of spreading the lies that McCain was crazy, had illegitimate children with a Vietnamese woman, was "the fag candidate," was a "liar and cheat and a fraud" (see Commondreams to refresh your memory) and was guilty of nearly every imaginable crime and perversion. He endorses Bush anyway. No matter if Bush is a liar whose lies have put many people in the kinds of situations McCain endured in Vietnam. Hell with them and the next ones to go to this or Bush's next war, McCain is on the bandwagon.

McCain, who calls himself a "Reagan Conservative", is remarkable only because he's a Republican who sometimes shows some concern for principle and states an opinion that differs from the Republican party line. Sometimes. But not enough. When it really counts, such as in the question of whether or not to give George Bush another four years to tear the country down, McCain is pathetically lacking in intellectual courage.

Can he possibly believe that crap? Is he that dim? Or is it something else? What is the hold the Bush administration has over McCain? It must be something. After the sleazy way Bush trashed McCain in 2000, you'd think he'd want to take his head off. But no. When it comes to Bush, McCain is a little puppy dog. It's hard to figure.

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