April 26, 2003

Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Piece

  • The Patriot II act will make protest a crime. George W., who said he "trust[s] the people not the government" is in the process of giving all power to the government. He lies. See Boston Phoenix
  • Now Ain't the Time for Your Tears, says Mick Farren at Rock's Back Pages.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle fired a technology reporter for protesting. The paper's top two editors refused to comment when called by Amy Goodman's report at Democracy Now. Another case of established media showing itself to be obsolete media.
  • Asia Times.
  • The Last Days of America?
  • Rumsfeld warned Iran that the US will not allow a pro-Iranian regime to be established in Iraq. It's our country. We stole it and we're gonna keep it. See Arab News.

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