August 4, 2002

Simple Logic: Air Defenses Stood Down on 9-11

As Bush and Co. relentlessly plunge us into World War III, it's important to keep in mind certain facts about the incidents by which the administration gained almost absolute autocratic power in the U.S.

A few essential facts subjected to simple (and fearless) logic, lead to a virtually inescapable and deeply disturbing conclusion. The normal air defenses of Washington DC had to have been ordered to stand down for the attack on the Pentagon to have gone through.

Jared Israel's Emperor's New Clothes is a fascinating and valuable Web resource driven by a mind bold enough to go where no conventional mind would dare venture. A good entry point on the site is this particular piece posted July 1, 2002: "POWERFUL EVIDENCE THAT AIR FORCE WAS MADE TO STAND DOWN ON 9-11". According to this entry, the DC Air National Guard (DCANG) Website archives still shows that on April 19, 2001, the mission statement on the site read, "To provide combat units in the highest possible state of readiness."

This means the DC Guard maintains fighter planes in a state of readiness. As Israel explains with clear simplicity, it would have to be that way. When heads of state like Tony Blair or George W. Bush fly in and out of the U.S. capital, it is via Andrews Air Force Base.

"Let us say that as it took off from Andrews Air Force Base, Tony Blair's plane was attacked by a hostile jet," says Israel. "Would his pilot have to radio the attackers and ask them to kindly postpone their attack until US fighter jets arrived from Langley Air Force Base, 129 miles away?"

Uh uh. Obviously not. To review the timeline of 9-11 yet again, the FAA knew Flight 11 was hijacked by 8:20 a.m. When it doubled back and crashed into the WTC at 8:45, the FAA knew obviously this was no accident, and the FAA has direct lines open to the Secret Service, as Dick Cheney pointed out on "Meet the Press" September 16. It was one hour later -- 9:45 a.m. -- that we are told a jet crashed into an utterly defenseless Pentagon.

On September 13, the mission statement of DC Air National Guard no longer contained the phrase "To provide combat units in the highest possible state of readiness." Israel says he doesn't know when the site was altered, but it was some time between April 19 and September 13. Israel gives you the links to the archives so you can check it out, at least until that too is surgically altered.

Along this line of inquiry, the site "Unanswered Questions", clearly delineates 11 main points of concern that indicate foreknowledge of 9-11 within the U.S. elites, and documented efforts to restrain investigations that may have prevented the tragedy.

-- By David Cogswell

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