Sunday afternoon
May 4, 2003

Syria, Here US Comes

Amerika now turns its talons toward Syria, warning it to "stop its support of terrorism and close its borders to fleeing Iraqi officials". (For coverage of Colin Powell's warnings, see, or

"There are consequences lurking in the background," Powell said in an interview on CBS TV. We will be looking at actions, not words, he says. Iraq won't be attacked right away, we will bide our time. Meanwhile "we will continue to isolate Iran as best we can," he said. He concluded with the gangster-like line: "We have ways of communicating with Iran on what we think they ought to be doing with respect to going forward to a better relationship with us and the rest of the world." Ve haf vays of mekking you co-opelrate!

"Terrorism" to the Bush machine means "any opposition to us." And since the regime's stated goal is American domination of a new world order, any opposition to that agenda is terrorism and will be answered with the most massively brutal and destructive assault imaginable.

In effect, the message is: Accept our rule voluntarily, or we will crush you.

The monster will move voraciously up the scale, starting at the bottom with Iraq, a defenseless victim, systematically debilitated by the US, then brutally attacked. Now it sets its sights on Syria, stronger than Iraq but nearby, therefore vulnerable to the empire's enhanced power base in the Middle East through its conquest of Iraq.

Syria, you are on notice, says the Bush machine. The rest of the world stands by, as in a barroom brawl. No one wants to make a move, to take on the bully directly. The bully relishes his power, in his domination of his chosen victim.

We may wait till the next "election" is shored up, says the Bush machine, but we may not have to. We will test public opinion, see how it plays politically, then massage it, manipulate it with our propaganda machine. A new "atrocity on US soil" might be handy. We'll see how it goes.

But the giant is vulnerable. The rest of the world seethes in anger hoping for the bully to slip up, to to far and trip itself up. It there is weakness, there will be plenty who wish to exploit it.

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