November 6, 2002

Welcome to the Fourth Reich

George W. Bush made history tonight by beating the historical trend of incumbent presidents losing Congressional seats in mid-term elections. He also beat the trend of Americans voting their pocketbooks. The economy is crap for the vast majority of the population. The administration stands against the American people on most issues according to polls, but somehow Americans choose to increase Republican power. Go figure.

Looks like the Republicans will control the Senate now, which means the Bush regime will control the entire government. They will be able to pack the court system with judges who will behave like the 5-4 majority that stopped the election of 2000 and put the loser in the White House. The Republicans will be able to consolidate their iron grip on the government, to speed up their erosion of human rights, of environmental protection, of corporate regulation. It's going to be a big party for the major corporations.

Jeb Bush won. Even Katharine Harris won. It's a great day for the Republicans, as they dismantle the republic and replace it with a fascist regime. Tell me something good, if you can think of anything.

November 6, 2002


It's another extremely dark day in America, with exceedingly grim implications for the rest of the world, especially the third world. It's a day of great celebration for the worst people, the meanest, the creepiest, for Bush Bush and Bush, for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Trent Lott, Tom Delay, all the most evil, ugly, venal Republicans. Seeing Jeb Bush on the AOL front page this morning, his arms raised in triumph above his head like Attila the Hun was nauseating in the extreme.

But Bob Fertik and, bless their hearts, dug into the bottom of their resources to find something positive. And at the very bottom of an article posted on MSNBC they found this: " But the final word on Senate control may be delayed because of possible Election Day disputes over paper ballots in Minnesota and other issues. Uncertainty could linger until Dec. 7, when a Louisiana runoff will be held since the front-runner there, Landrieu, failed to win 50 percent of the vote. Furthermore, Rhode Island Republican Sen. Lincoln Chaffee said he might consider crossing the aisle after the election if the chamber were tied 50-50."

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