December 7, 2004

Pearl Harbor Day, USA
Back From China

HOLLYWOOD, Florida -- To anyone who dropped by this site in the last week, sorry I wasn't home. I was off in the hinterlands of China, where uploading to a Web site was not a possibility.

However, it was interesting being in a country with one-party rule, where the idea of free elections is remote, where a person can be thrown in jail without due process and forgotten. I felt right at home. The ideas of democracy and civil rights seem ever more exotic in this New World Order, thanks to the Imperial Bush family.

In regard to whether students at universities should be allowed full freedom to discuss the issues of the day in classes, one government official was quoted in the South China Daily, the English language paper of Hong Kong, as saying, "The question is, whether we want to spend our time bickering or improving the living standards of the masses. You can see why George W. Bush is so enamored with the Chinese government's policies toward the press. It's quite an affinity.

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